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Henry Schleichkorn RBP, in Chicago, Illinois, USA
email: henry@k9kde.com

qsl card
This is my most recent QSL card from a few years ago.

qsl card
This is the 2015 QSL card


April 2014: The Hex Beam is up and working. Higher then ever. Look at that tower. It's a 20 foot ladder!!!
This ladder was in my garage for the past 15 years collecting dust and dirt.
Thanks to Lyam N9LVG and Bob K0KVK (fellow Hex Beam owners) for their hard work and determination.
We spent 9 hours on Sunday, taking down the damaged antenna, fixing it,
then preparing the ladder, lifting, erecting and mounting the Hex Beam.
I was on the air that night.
Here is a video my son made of that day, April 6, 2014, erecting the ladder tower:

Our fierce Chicago winter knocked down my Hex Beam antenna in March 2014.
hex down hex down2

spacer 2012
2009 K9KDE 2012

In June 2013 my ham friend Lyam N9LVG and I installed a new Hex Beam.
Also thanks to Bob K0KVK for his help.

Here is a link to ARRL site where a story I wrote is published online titled:

I am president of the Metro Amateur Radio Club

I am usually the Net Control for the Metro Amateur Radio Club Net held every Sunday night at 9:00pm local time. The Net is on the club repeater on 2 meters, frequency 147.315

Hams: Check this short video out:

Pictures from International Lighthouse remote August 21, 2010 Metro Area Radio Club

email Henry at: henry@K9KDE.com

QSL address: Henry Schleichkorn K9KDE 3819 N Southport Avenue, Chicago, Illinois 60613

Here is my vertical antenna mounted to my back porch. It is a 26 foot 5 band vertical I now use for 40 meters.
Its about 30 feet high. The plane is on its way to O'Hare International Airport.

Some of my favorite sites include:

www.metroarc.org Metro Amateur Radio Club homepage

www.qrz.com Ham radio database